Worshipping God Like It’s Nobody’s Business

These days I am moved to worship God in a profound way like no other period in my life before. I have to say God used Brian and Jenn Johnson who are worship pastors at Bethel Church in Redding, California to really ignite the passion deep in my heart to really worship God from the very core of my being.

Do you have the feeling that you spent a greater part of the week or month where you just went through the motions in your walk with God without your 100% in it? I feel that and sometimes, God brings certain songs and people into your life to shake you and make you realize how much you are missing out in life when you lose that sacred connection to connect to God – and that glue is what worship is about!

Its human to forget…its human to get caught up in the chaos of this world but its wise to take a moment and just STOP. Stop for a second and close your eyes and exhale. Then think why you are running in this life and what you are trying to achieve with your goals. Its at that moment worship becomes effective and real to you. It refreshes your weary soul and redefines your purpose in life.

So the next time you are juggling a million things in day, whether being a mom or dad, soothing your crying little one, handling work and home, pressed against a deadline, dealing with impossible people, facing hurtful situations or just plain bored of life…Start by Worshiping God with a simple song on your phone or YouTube or the radio and that song with lead you to the next and to the next and soon you will find that distance between God and you come nearer and nearer. And when you come out of that moment, suddenly your problems seem so much more manageable. Who needs psychotherapy then? This is the purest form of rejuvenation and you don’t have to pay a dime.


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