Välkommen Till Min Vrå

2 thoughts on “Välkommen Till Min Vrå”

  1. I’m not so sure about this god thing. If God exists why does so much evil exist?

    And does God really influence football games like so many players believe ? If God does do this, does he have a favorite team?

    I’m saying new england because they always win even if they cheat.


    1. I totally understand your feelings. You say that evil exists based on comparing all the good that exists around us. If i apply the same logic as you are applying, if good exists, God exists. God doesn’t influence football games but rather the people who participate in its entirety. God is interested in who you and I are. Existence of evil does not disprove the existence of God rather it amplifies the goodness of God. One thought to ponder on is when good things happen in our lives, do we give credit to God for that?


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